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The Afterlife

This is the place souls go after death, before passing through the Gates of Judgement, from which there is no return.

Time in the Afterlife is subjective and bears no relation to life in the Living World.


  • When characters die in Dragonworld, they appear on a golden path, naked, at the age they died, in perfect health. They retain their experience, skills and magic, but no items.
  • Everything non-living thing that a character owned will be scattered around the Golden Path.

The Golden Path

  • As long as you are on the path, you are completely safe. You will not hunger or feel tired, nor can anything from off the path touch you.
  • Your path is yours alone. No one else can come onto your path. The paths converge into bigger and bigger roads, but you realise that your path remains and that even though it appears that you are now on the same path as others, yours remains      distinct and separate. No on another path can touch you. You can walk straight through any object that appears to be on your path.
  • You can see hundreds of golden paths converging on the Gates (although you can’t see the gates). Every death of a spirited being (humans, elves, dwarves) creates a golden path to the Gates.
  • The path leads through the  Afterlife towards the Gates of Judgement. It is not straight, but curves slightly back and forth, and slightly up and down. Always in the direction of the Judgement Gates.
  • It takes three days of subjective walking to get to the Gates.
  • If you are still a child (under about 13) and not fully responsible for your actions, you will get a guide, an angel. The angel will carry babies and toddlers and lead children.
  • As you walk, the path behind you disappears, so you can only go forward. You can stop and not move if you choose.
  • If you step off your path, you  can easily step back on. As you step off, you feel like you are passing through and invisible barrier. The other side is colder, and noisier.

The Gates of Judgement

  • All Paths end at the Gates of Judgement. Huge towering arched Gates. As a soul steps through, they  disappear and never return.
  • Above them, is inscribed, “I have set a time for judgment and I will judge with fairness”. (From The Sacred Texts, The Book of Wisdom 75,2)

The City of the Dead

  • Outside the Gates of Judgement is the City.
  • It is a place full of Spirits and Spirit Items being sold or traded.

The Plains of the Afterlife

  • The plains off the path are grey, lit with a half light that does not appear to have a source. They are mostly flat and eternal. All objects off the path are slightly      transparent, so you can see through them to the next object, and the next and the next. In fact, you can typically see through about five people. It is very difficult to see and is disconcerting.
  • There is constant white noise, the combination of all noises at all distances. If you concentrate you can pick up individual sounds and noises.
  • Once off the path, your soul is in eternal jeopardy. If you die here, you do not appear back on your Golden Path.
  • Creatures not wanting to face Judgement can either just wait eternally on their path, or get off it.
  • Typically, once off it they try to find meaning. Many, end up trying to get back to the world of the living. To do this, they search for an open Life Portal.

Spirits and Souls

  • Any one on the Path is called a Soul.
  • Any one off the Path is a Lost Soul, or a demon.
  • Most Spirits are trying to find a Portal back to the Living World.
  • Spirits grow into different shapes if they spend time in the Afterworld. If they don’t die, they gain experience and become stronger and evolve.
  • Some, try to make a living in the Afterlife.
  • There are thousands of Spirit Items lying around from the deaths of each person, so some creatures are making a whole life in the Afterlife.
  • There are shops and travellers and kings and kingdoms.
  • Space is infinite.

Life Portals

  • When people die, a portal is created to take their Souls from their moral bodies, to their Path.
  • The portal is closed to Afterlife disappears after three days, unless closed earlier by a Ritual of Remembrance.
  • Lots of spirits are drawn to each Portal and they fight to get through the door.


  • If a demon makes it to a Portal, it can travel down it by opening the reverse side.
  • Unless they have power or magic, most creatures come back as either Skeletons or Zombies, with no intelligence, knowledge or wisdom.
  • Properly prepared creatures can return as more powerful undead. Often, this preparation means having items with you for your return when you die, or preparing your body in advance before you die.

Raising the Dead

  • To raise a body, someone needs to go and fetch the soul from the Afterlife, and bring it back to an  ‘opened portal’. This is a risky business. If you die in the afterlife, you are in eternal pain.

Second death: Hell

  • You cannot die in the Afterlife. You are already a soul.
  • If you get damaged, you stay  damaged. You remain awake and aware.
  • In the afterlife, you never  sleep, faint, or die.
  • If you had your head chopped off, your body would cease to function, but it would not be dead. Your head would be alert, in pain. You would be able to control your eyes,      mouth. Your body would still feel, but would not be able to move. Your      soul would feel everything either part felt. As Afterlife vultures closed in, they would eat your feeling body. You would feel the pain. If the body was eaten, but the head remained, it would just be screaming in agony. You would wish to be released, but there would be no way to release you.
  • If an Undead dies, it returns  to the Afterlife, but its body is broken and it will not be placed on its Golden path. For example, if you killed a skeleton by bashing its head in, its spirit will return to the Afterlife with a bashed in head. Feeling incredible pain, unable to control its body, it will lie on the plain of the  Afterlife for eternity unable to do anything. If you put a stake through a vampire’s  heart in the world of the living, the vampire’s body would die, and its soul would appear in the Afterlife with a massive trauma to its heart. The soul would be too broken to move.

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