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Top Tip: Get Direction   1 comment

One of the main reasons for writing is to share ideas. I find that my whole novel gets a new level of urgency and direction once I know the key idea that I want to share.

I’ve found through both The Fistorian Hero and Dark Priest, that it was a great investment to spend some time working out the key message that I wanted to share.

Once I had that, my characters and plot both had more direction, were tighter and better defined.

What’s the central message of your novel?


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Top Tip: Knowing your characters   Leave a comment

To make my characters more rounded, I use analogies to help define them. Even though I write fantasy, I ask myself – if this character were a car/weapon/food – which one would be be. 

I have two fighters in my upcoming novel, Orc Fire: One is a curry, an Apache Helicopter, and a Jeep. The other is a bloody steak, an Abrahms Tank, and a Lambougini. Check out the Pinterest Board: Orc Fire

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Top Tip: Overcoming writers block   Leave a comment

I find if I’m struggling to write, one way to get in the groove is to put on some music. 

For Dark Priest, I created a playlist (a song for each chapter) that helped fire my imagination, and got me excited when I didn’t feel like writing. 

I’d imagine that this was the sound track to the movie that was playing in my head. I think it helps to both get me in the mood, but also provide context to the section I’m writing. 

Here’s a link to my Dark Priest Playlist on iTunes, or email me if you’d like the song list (mainly rock) or would like to share your book’s sound track. 

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Dark Priest – published!   Leave a comment

My second fantasy novel, Dark Priest, has just been published! Its available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback, and on Smashwords. It should be available at all major online retailers in the next couple of days. 

Just follow these links to get a copy: 

Dark Priest at Smashwords (Quote the code SY74U to get it for $1.50 – 50% off!)

Dark Priest at Amazon
Here’s what the hardcopy cover looks like: 

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Learn to love life   Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed how some people just never seem to learn?

I believe that is one of the key reasons our souls are sent to earth; to have the opportunity to learn about outselves and about God.

The sometimes painful process of being born, growing up, maturing, ageing and dying provides a perfect chance to refine our spirits.

We can master life and death.

This is a key theme in my fantasy world and will no doubt come up again and again in my novels.

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Next steps   Leave a comment

I’ve entered the next phase of novel 2, working with an editor – this is the hard part for me. In parallel, I’m super excited to be generating and capturing ideas for my third novel – the part I find most fun!

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War   Leave a comment

There is a war on. Souls are at stake. Yours is one of them…

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