Escape into a fantasy world full of magic and miracles

South African author, Dale Vice, brings you action packed heroic fantasy adventures that are thought provoking, uplifting, and vastly entertaining.

DARK PRIEST (published April 2017)

Revenge. That’s all Chandor wants. 

Dark Priest JpegPnt Cropped Front Cover 27Apr2017Chandor has spent four years training with the Guardians, an elite order of holy knights, famed throughout the land for the miraculous powers granted to them by the Gods.

With his novitiate complete, he can finally start hunting the monster that brutally murdered his family.

But as he follows the trail of destruction from magnificent cities to ruined castles, past dragon lairs and through dwarven strongholds, he sees the devastating power of his enemy.

Chandor begins to fear that only as a Dark Priest, practitioner of forbidden miracles, will he have the means to defeat his terrifying supernatural adversary.

He was prepared to die for revenge, but the stakes are no longer just life and death.

If Chandor becomes a Dark Priest, he could forfeit his very soul.


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THE FISTORIAN HERO (published October 2012)

Heroic fantasy at its best

Tired of 900 page table tippers with casts so vast and plots so complex you need wikipedia to remind you of what’s going on?
Read the Fistorian Hero for a quick hit of high fantasy that will leave you grinning and satisfied!

“I bought it at 8pm and didn’t stop reading until I finished at midnight! Wow!”

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Fistorian Hero Cover


Luthas is an ordinary farmer whose simple life is about to be changed forever. An evil warlord is massing undead troops on the western border of Fistoria, and a new orcish warchief has emerged to lead the Zaragu Clan to battle in the north. King Ironfist summons his armies and calls upon mighty heroes to protect the land, but the swirl of magic and prophecy may mean that it is up to Luthas to save his world.






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